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Play House Party Rental Policies
Here at we do our best to accommodate all customers in times of unforeseen weather and/or emergency conditions. For this reason, we stay tuned day and night to the local weather conditions in and approaching our area. We ask that all customers do their part and stay informed as to any weather conditions approaching their area. In order for us to better serve all customers, we have developed what we feel is a fair policy for cancellations and rainchecks. Sometimes rain may be occurring in one part of town but not in the other part of town right next to it. For this reason WE DO NOT CANCEL DUE TO WEATHER unless we feel it would endanger our equipment. THIS DECISION IS LEFT SOLEY TO THE CUSTOMER. Please feel free to give us a call should you have any questions regarding our policies.

Rain Days we will call you that morning to ask for a “Go” or “No Go”. If its a “Go” then just pay the delivery driver and have a great party. If its a “No Go” then we will get you next time. Its that simple.

Delivery Times:
Customer should call the office by 5:00PM the day before their rental to check on their scheduled delivery time. In order for all customers to be delivered on time we occasionally deliver several hours in advance of scheduled rental time. Our goal is to be at the party address at least one hour early. We need someone to be at the delivery location to open doors, gates, and locks then show us where you would like the bounce house set up. Please have all funds available for the delivery driver and understand that we cannot wait for you to go to the bank/ATM.

The customer is responsible for notifying the office BETWEEN 6-8AM OR BEFORE THE DRIVER DELIVERS THE EQUIPMENT ON THE DAY OF THEIR RENTAL if they need to cancel the rental. Once the equipment is delivered, the FULL AMOUNT IS DUE regardless of total time used. All decisions to cancel due to weather or any other reason need to be made BEFORE the scheduled delivery time, even if the equipment is delivered early. We ask that the customer be informed of all weather conditions approaching by watching or listening to their local news.

All orders that will be located in a park require a $50 deposit. If you cancel 8 days or more before your event you will receive a full refund of your deposit. If however, you cancel your booking within 7 days of your event, you will receive a raincheck for your $50 deposit that is good for up to one year towards your next rental. We do not refund deposits within 7 days of an event because the chances of renting the equipment to someone else is greatly reduced when it is within a week.

Any refunds will be credited back within 1 week.

All cancellations must be called in the day before your rental.


Terms and Conditions:

In addition to the terms below, and the operation guidelines on each rented item, the Lessee (customer) agrees to supervise the operation of any rented item and further agrees that if the item is damaged that he/she will reimburse Play House Party Rentals for the full price to fix the damage and/or the full replacement value of the rented item. Before signing this contract, Lessee agrees that he/she has read the entire contract, has agreed to all terms and conditions herein, and has had all questions he/she may have answered to the Lessee’s full satisfaction and understanding.

Delivery/Operation/Payments: To address specified by Lessee. Lessee grants Play House Party Rentals and its employees/contractors, the right to enter said property for the delivery and return of the rented equipment at approximate times. All payments must be made at time of delivery. No refunds will be made after the equipment has been delivered. For jumpers, the lessee agrees to provide one electrical outlet rated at 115 volts with 20 amperes capacity per motor unit within 50 feet of each unit. No electrical cords are to be used. If the blower stops or the air pressure is low, remove all users immediately, and then check on the problem. Air tubes in the rear of the unit should be tied securely to the blower or tied off to prevent air from escaping. The electrical cord should be plugged into an outlet and be the only thing operating on that electrical circuit. Circuit breakers should also be checked. Customer is subject to an additional charge of $20.00 for all service calls due to electricity.

General Rules for Safe Operation: Units must be operated over a smooth, compatible surface such as grass or hard top surface. The unit may NOT be operated on rough surfaces such as rocks, brick, glass, or any jagged objects. Unit cannot be moved by lessee after placed by Play House Party Rentals employees/contractors. Unit MUST BE properly anchored prior to use. Unit will be anchored initially by Play House Party Rentals employees/contractors and the anchors MUST NOT be removed during period of use. Never attempt to relocate, adjust or service a blower. Never use during high winds, gusty winds, thunderstorms or lightening. The unit can turn over in high winds, even if anchored, and this could result in severe injuries to the users. Do not resume use until adverse weather conditions have ceased. Always follow the manufacturers guidelines located on the unit itself.

Additional Safety Rules: Before entering the unit, have the users remove their shoes, eye glasses, belt buckles and any sharp objects. Never play, jump or enter a partially inflated/deflated unit. Never allow the users to climb or play on the outside or inside walls of the unit, columns, netting or roof of unit. Always follow the number of riders and rules posted on the unit itself. Do not plug or unplug the motor repeatedly as this will cause the unit to burn up and you will be responsible for any resulting damage. Always have an adult present, who has reviewed and understands both this contract and the rules posted on the unit itself, who can supervise the riders. Never allow the users to be unsupervised in or around the unit. Never allow more users than the maximum number of users per age group as described within this lease and on the unit itself. Never place a hose or water on or into the unit unless authorized by Play House Party Rentals. Do not allow horseplay on, in, or around the unit. Always follow the directions for use on the unit itself.
Only children of the same age group are to play on the unit at the same time. The maximum number of users in each age group is as follows:

By Age Under 5 years 6-8 years 9-13 years Older Teens Adults
Party Unit 8-10 8 6 4 2
Large Unit 12 -16 12 10 8 6
Slide Unit 6- 8 6 4 3 2

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